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It's been quiet here for a very long time.....

So, I have a MAC and I've been experimenting with Word Processors, and I'm having problems finding one that does complex layout.

I'm looking for a Word Processor / Tool that can handle multiple Text boxes in output (or multiple graphics boxes), can deal with different layout styles from page to page (so you can have say 1 page that's 2 column, then a page that's 1 column to present a table, then a return to 2 column without tons of redesign changes every time you add a page agead of one that has a different layout then the one before it (Layout locking).

I also want indexing tools built in, and WYSIWYG.

Anyone know of something that works this way and works under Leorpard and doesn't cost a small fortune?

I Have Neooffice and IWrite. I have no interested in crippled and problematic Microsoft software (which doesn't do what I want since the output changes from printer to printer).
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