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An Important Request To The Writers & Other Folks Here Who Produce 'Creativity On Demand'

ashes_evrywhere says :

"For my Psychology Senior Project I am interested in learning about writer’s block. There has been very little empirical research conducted on this topic by psychologists, so I plan on researching how writers themselves think of and cope with writer’s block. This style of empirical research will rely heavily on content analysis of writers’ experiences with these blocks. I plan on researching a number of articles written by writers who are experiencing or at one point have experienced writer’s block and operationalizing these writers’ self-reports into attributional descriptors. In this way I will try to draw up ideas about any differences between writers who can overcome these blocks more easily and writers that have more difficulty in returning to their work. I am also interested in Seligman’s theories of attribution, specifically optimism and pessimism."

"I know writer's block is common, and that it looks different for different writers or even that an individual can have various types of blocks. as a psychologist, i ask "why?". as a writer i ask, "oh dear lord WHY???".

"I'm looking for pieces describing your experiences- your stream of consciousness, your interpretations, your raw emotion. ideally i can translate my content analysis of writer's experiences of attributions into a doctoral thesis in the next couple years, and answer some questions that no one has professionally addressed."

"So anything and everything you have to share would be great. i'm taking anything and everything. please leave a comment if you are interested. thanks a million! "

"I am not looking for methods to overcome writer's block. i am interested in using people's written experiences as references as to WHO has writer's block and WHY. please respond if you have anything that you have written re: your reflections on the subject."

"I'm seriously, intensely starting data collection for my thesis."

Please if you are interested in Participating Follow the Link and comment to Kristen in Her Journal:


Thanks To Everyone who helper her out!

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