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Blocked flow

I've posted this in another comunity as well, but i'm looking for advice so i thought i'd post it here as well.

Mostly I seem to be stuck on pretty much everything I'm starting. I've had quite a few short story ideas but they seem to hit 1000 words and then nothing, i can't keep them going. The same has happened with my novel. I got to the end of chapter 2 roughed out chap 3, scribbled down a bit for 4 and then came to a ground shuddering halt. I can't seem to follow things through at the moment, or hold the spark that they start with.

At the moment I'm looking at writing a short story for a contest on fantasy writers, there are five words that have to be elements in the story (the last time this type of contest came up it led to my first publication). I have a title but am struggling with any kind of interesting plot, all the ideas are too linear.

Part of my problem seems to be that when i'm in full flow with my art, my writing grinds to a halt, and vice versa, how to solve it is the problem.

I guess i'm just wondering how others work through these nasty blocks, what techniques do you use to get back the spark??? Incidentally, i have tried contiuing regardless, but then get very delete happy.

Thanks in advance,

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